i am using near about 10 combos in my asp.net project having values Yes and No.
And some more having default 4 values. Currently i am storing those values in db and each time using from it. so do you think so that its a better way than storing those value in db than assigning from code or default setting from property?

please post your opinions..

thanks. I will try.

That all depends. Are these dropdowns ever going to change? Are they dependent on dynamic information?

If the dropdown values do not depend on dynamic information, or change rarely, then it is best to have it defaulted within the code so you're not tapping the database for static information.

Then again, if you do not have a high visitor count, it's not going to matter anyway.

thanks for reply. The combos are static. never going to change.

Have them within the page, there is no need to have it bound to the database.

Then, if you're updating based upon values, you should store the values within hidden fields and have forms populate to each page (if there are multiple pages). Otherwise, just do a simple validation and update.