iam considering purchase help desk script for our company and gogoled around and found acehelpdesk.com . can anyone tell me if they had experience with this software and if they did , plz let me know if its worth $99 .
i look forward to your responses

I may be breaking the rules here, as I have no experience with acehelpdesk.com but it does not look like a complete software, still in growing stages, IMHO.

I would recommend www.perldesk.com or www.kayako.com - they are both solid and stable and have been around the block a while.


I recommend footprints, by far the most advanced helpdek system ever produced, google it and love it ;)

I would recommend you to use kayako support suite. I have been using it for supporting some my websites and is very satisfied. You can use this system to support cusomers via live chats and tickets.

I've installed, customised and used Kayako and to me it has been a nightmare, it has great features and is very powerful but my god is the usability awful.

I basically had to set up accounts for different users that would use different templates, setting up the users and their templates is a nightmare, you have users, usergroups, usergroup templates.. my god my head exploded.

Their use of CSS leaves a lot to be desired, very old school - .smalltext turned out to be .quite_big_text_after_all and was used badly ie. it was used in locations that medium text was needed and where small text was needed, so when I changed it the results were horrible. I ended up stripping it down to the very basics and pretty much starting again.

But as I said earlier it has good features, if you don't plan on customising it too much and if you don't need different templates it would be grand. Their support is quite good and their forums are great for finding answers.

If you are looking for a helpdesk solution for your Joomla based site; check out www.imaqma.com.

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