Ok PHP folks... Here's what's up...
There's a site called www.easykiss123.com (someone within this forum mentioned it to me...thank you!)...well, they feature this web-2-sms php code. The code was free as a download, so eventually I tinkered with it and got it to work so that a visitor can input their name, mobile number, choose their carrier, then click Send...and I get their info (name, mobile number, carrier) in my email...plus, it works so that when I hit REPLY, the "SEND TO" area actually reads/displays their return email address as their 'Name' & "10-DigitMobileNumber@TheirCarrier.com"... OK!! :-) I don't have to manually type in their numbers plus their carrier service addresses!

I also have another form that works like sms (send txt from web to mobile phone), yet I've hidden the msg area (ala the html 'type="hidden"), replaced it with a 'canned' msg (i.e., Thanks for subscribing to my mobile sms updates...etc.) so that when the visitor inputs their mobile number, chooses their carrier (which is actually an email address), then clicks Send-to-Phone, that visitor receives my 'canned' msg on their mobile device.

Now, what I want to do is blend the two forms as one... Since one of the forms Only "Sends" the Opted-In visitors info to "my email addy"...and the other form Only "Sends" A 'Canned Msg' to a "visitors mobile phone"... How can I get it working so that the Form Sends my 'canned msg' to the vistors mobile phone, yet also (simultaneously) Sends their Info to my email address?? All in one Click of that SEND button! I've got the php code working separately, yet I cannot figure out how to make the php code blend it all together... A sign-up/contact form that sends a 'canned' sms msg to a visitor while simultaneously sending said visitors info to my email portal. Whew!! What Y'all think??


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Hi Keith,
I'm afraid you'll have to attach the two scripts that you're using :-)

I'll have a look then and hack them together if it's not too much work.

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