I am having a problem that I have been trying to solve for the last 2 weeks. This might be seen in many travel sites like lastminute.com. The situation is simple. I need an indeterminate progress bar. I enter the search criteria/parameters (From/To Date & Destination) in page ‘A’. I click the search button now. I need to be transferred to Page ‘B’, which is empty but consists of a progress bar like image displaying any message and then I need to be transferred to page ‘C’ where the results will be displayed. I use the term “Indeterminate”, coz the progress bar is displayed based on the time taken (which can vary) to display the results and it not a fixed time interval(Usually with thread. sleep type) like u see in many sites. I am using VS 2005 + MS SQL 2005 + ASP.NET 2.0 + AJAX 1.0. Please help me out. Thanks in advance


As far as I know, the only way you can track the progress is through the states of your requests. But even then you only have four states, so predicting how long your server will take to answer the request, how long it will take to retrieve the information, is just something you cannot track like this. Therefore, your only bet is to play around with the request states and run off of those, and then user timers for each one. Another way around this is to load the new page automatically but spit out a div layer with a background solid enough that you cannot see the true background. Then just use a timer to run the progress bar, and when it completes, hide the div.