i want to print some retrieved data base content in the body(for email)
please tell me how to do tat.........
$body1 = "Your Resume Titled" $restitle "which was posted on " $day";
i want to know how will the syntax for sent be wen there is BCC and CC

$sent = mail($to, $subject1, $body1, $headers);

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Check example 4 here. http://us.php.net/function.mail . And, $body1 can have the variable values within double quotes. $body1 = "your resume $restitle was posted on $date";

thanks tat was helpfull

hi i have a dropdown and list box in a form.after selecting,when the user clicks submit data will get submitted.
for edit i want the items to be selected .when the user make changes in the control and click update it should get updated...i want to know how to show the controls as selected after retrieving from db

When the user submits, get the listbox value. Check if it matches with the value in the database and make it selected.

i tried something like this.....the selected value is getting displayed.since the option button contains option the selected value is getting displayed once and the same option value is also getting displayed....how to do tat

<select name='jobtype' style='width: 350px'>
<option value='$line[4]' selected>$line[4]</option>
<option value='Employee' selected>Employee</option>
<option value='Temporary/Cotract/Project'>
<option value='Intern'>Intern</option>
<option value='Per Diem'>Per Diem</option>

if ($_POST['jobtype'] == $value_of_option_in_the_database) { 
$selected = "selected"; 
} else {
$selected = "";
<select name='jobtype' style='width: 350px'>
<option value='$line[4]' <?php echo $selected; ?>>$line[4]</option>
<option value='Employee' <?php echo $selected; ?>>Employee</option>

could u give some brief description because i'm not getting you

kings@ What do you need to know? And what you are not getting?

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