Can anyone recommend a good up-to-date how-to for the installation of PHPEclipse and DBGdebugger?

I am using xampp 1.6.5 which has PHP 5.2.5. Try as I might, I can't get the requisite

with DBG v2.11.30, (C) 2000,2004 by Dmitri Dmitrienko,

in the PHP header to indicate that is successfully installed.

The only how-to I have found is the one at but it was written in 2006. The version of PHPEclipse it writes about as working with dbg is 3.1.2. I have located that version on but the note on that version states

The RCP downloads are meant as a base for building Eclipse RCP applications.  
As such, they do not include an application of their own and simply running the 
RCP install will do nothing.

Anyone have ideas or a DIE for debugging that is easy to install without having to pay for one like NuSphere PHpEd?

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Installing core eclipse for php is pain in the ass. Easyeclipse is a project to solve such problem. and it is open source, you can try this page:
I personally use their LAMP solution. If you work only on PHP, then you may try the other ones.
One problem: as it is modified version of real eclipse, few features may not work. So if you using easy eclipse for PHP, then don't expect all the plugins for Java will work perfect. Cheers! :)

I've installed this and it looks promising. What do you do for debugging? Being able to debug code and watch how variables change is what I am looking for most. I understand DBG is the best out there and what I've seen in using a trial version of NuSphere PHPEd leaves me to believe it's good.

Thanks for the help. Hope to hear from you soon

You can setup the debugging options from preference. Just right address for your server and directory location.

I'm still having problems getting DBG to work with EasyEclipse for PHP.

I downloaded the dbg-wizard.php and have succeeded getting the extension to work on my system but I still can not use debugging with any of my scripts.

I have installed EasyEclipse for PHP from easyeclipse-php- and easy-phpeclipse-1.1.9.CVS-20060920.exe. What do I have to further configure to get DBG to work.

I am using XAMPP, if that makes any difference.

That is bit challenging. But once you are done, you will love your life :P... Try this llink

That is bit challenging. But once you are done, you will love your life :P... Try this llink

Tried that one and it got me nowhere. :'( Mind you, that was before I got DBG working. Maybe I'll give it another shot after I've had a few shots. :P

I don't like having my projects on the same drive as my OS. I'm old school from the days of DOS and Win95: C: is for programs, D: and anything after that is for production data in case C: craps out or needs a format/reinstall of the OS.

I'm beginning to think it's worth the $$$ to purchase an IDE like NuShere PHP Ed.

I'll keep you posted.

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