When you initially load LogicWeb's home page, it hesitates for about 1-2 seconds on loading the ajax tabs up top (you can't miss it, right below main navigation bar). I am trying to figure out why this happens, but I just cannot seem to grasp the cause.

I am not a designer / programmer by trade so I'm not quite sure what to look for within the javascript files.


Any help on why it does not load instantaneously would be appreciated.

The other issue is figuring out a proper javascript fallback mechanism. The one I set is not quite so professional, just inserts an image with a warning message/icon. If someone can please explain a proper way of redirecting to a another version of the same page (where the javascript warning would appear), that would be great. I've Googled this for a while but cannot find a simplified method to my desire.

It's loading the bottom half of the page, which is not in the viewport when you open the page. The entire html page, and all of the graphics indicated in html code, must finish loading before the JavaScript can load and run.