Hello! To those who may be interested, my name is Matt. =o]

Now, lets cut down to brass tacks. Yes, I agree nickle tacks are much more colorful in the world of style, however I perfer brass. A while ago, (long while =oX) I began working on a browser-based PHP game named Dragon Quest Online in PERL. Before the game was even close to completion, I learned PHP and decided to switch everything from my hardfile database to a MySQL database. This was around 12+ months ago.

Since then I have worked on the game much more than I expected, creating complex formulas for the basic statistics, expanding the game as I saw fit. It is still uncompleted, and I am browsing the internet looking for a comrade in the battle for my first game in PHP.

If anyone out there is interested, feel free to contact me =o]!

AIM: Etherprox
E-mail: Matt@Dragex.com
MSN: Matt@Dragex.com / Etherprox
mIRC: us.funnet.org #Dragex (Mattman), nebula.darkorion.net #Sacred (Mazon)

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I don't know how you can write a game with a web language that wasn't designed to handles graphics, and by that I mean game graphics, like switching into vga mode, having access to graphics api, etc. I mean, obviously it's doable, but I don't see it taking off. Then again, I could be dead wrong because I haven't see the game.

Browser based often relates to text based or MUD's, which this game is no exception of! =o]

I will not be using any graphics aside from occasional pictures of items as a maybe, and small nifty icons.

Have you considered using other technologies to make games for the browser? VRML/3DML? Flash/Director? The best SDK/Engine I've seen to make games so they run on the browser has been stuff by WildTanget. Phenomenal stuff. I downloaded the SDK, but haven't had the time to play around with it.


Just so you see what the WildTanget engine is capable of:


WOW! That WildTanget is amazing! I'm going to have to look further into that one :P

It Rocks!

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