just wanna ask..if session cant be use, i try setcookies() to get the variable pass through the pages, however i get this error message:

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at C:\Program Files\VertrigoServ\www\logincheck.php:2) in C:\Program Files\VertrigoServ\www\logincheck.php on line 3

i put setcookie($username, time()+3600); right after the mysql_connect(), and below it juz a normal function to differentiate between user and admin...
juz curious what is the mistake here and how can i declare the code? Thanks so much for helping..

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Do you have any html tag or any echo statement ? Can you post your code ?

hey..is you..hihi...
well, i setcookies() right after the user had logged in and the variables pass to the page shown below, i put it at the top right after <?php.....

setcookie($username, time()+3600);
mysql_connect("localhost", "root", "1234") or die(mysql_error());
mysql_select_db("userlist") or die(mysql_error());
$query = "SELECT * FROM user where username='$username' && password='$password'"; 
$result = mysql_query($query) or die(mysql_error());
if ($username=="admin" && $password=="admin1234")
	echo "<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />";
	echo "<center><h1>Administrator logged in!!!</h1></center>";
	echo "<center><h1>Please wait to be directed to the administrator page.....</h1></center>";
	echo "<meta http-equiv=\"refresh\" content=\"5;url=trytolink.php\">";
else if(mysql_num_rows($result) > 0)
	echo "<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />";
	echo "<center><h1>You had sucessfully logged in as ".$username ."</h1><br/></center>";
	echo "<center><h1>Please <a href='registration.php'>Click here</a> to update your details or 
	<a href='claim_try.php'>Click here</a> to the claim page.</h1></center>";

	echo "<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />";
	echo "<center><h1>Sorry! Your username and password is incorrect!!! Please try again!!!</h1></center>";
	echo "<meta http-equiv=\"refresh\" content=\"5;url=index3.php\">";
<title>::. ISO CLAIM PAGE</title>
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"

There must be a whitespace before <?php . Check it out ! There shouldn't be any whitespace, any echo statements or any html tags before setcookie! :)

oh..thanks, i not even notice about that also. So the cookies had been set with $username and timeout 1 hour.....Then from this page, i click to another page, using the same syntax for set cookies () declared at the top before any header or echo....and again i try to retrieve my username so that it can show on the page, however i found that it is blank.

Here is the code i use to show the $username out:

<form method="post" action="claim_try2.php">
		<div><label>Name:<?php echo $_COOKIE["username"];?></label><br></div>
			<div><label for="type">Department:</label>
				<select name="department">
					<optgroup label="---SELECT---">
										<option>KKK</option>														<option>KEE</option>										<option>KPM</option>
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