Hello all,

A few days ago I tried to use a mail script and recieved an error:
"Warning: mail() [function.mail]: Failed to connect to mailserver at "localhost" port 25....."

Which was wierd because I had set the smtp server to my isp's mailserver.
When I changed the smtp_port to 30, it kept saying 25 in the errormessage.

Later I had installed the mySQL database and tried to connect with phpMyAdmin, but it greeted me with the following error:
"Cannot load mysql extension. Please check your PHP configuration."

Which was again wierd because php had the extention loaded and the db was running fine.

Then i loaded up phpinfo to look at the config path for php, and this was set to f:\windows.

This was just impossible, I have both apache & php located on a seperate drive wich is L:\
And thier location is appended to windows' path. In httpd.conf, the PHPIniDir directive is thus set as L:\php5.

Yesterday I have removed the entire php5 folder, when i restarted apache it complained that it could not load the php extention, which was presumable. But When I copied php5apache2.dll and php5ts.dll to f:\windows, apache was able to start again and php seemed to work just like before.

I have performed several desktop searches on php.ini, with the option to look for hidden files & systemfolders. It turned up nothing, except for the ini files in the php archive I have on my pc (which is also located on a different drive).

I hope that someone can help me with this problem, because i am clueless.

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Is this for a local test system or are you deploying this to real world?

I run apache only as a local webserver, shut off from the outer world. And also use it in conjunction with php as a testing environment, mainly for educational purpouses.

It is only recently that I reïnstalled windows, and only had to make some changes in the win path since the apache & php folders were still in place on a seperate drive.

I have decided to format my windrive and install a fresh copy of xp. Now everything works normal again, though I'm still not sure what caused this problem. Consider this topic thus solved

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