I have form an html code using asp code like below:

response.write("<form id='stest' name='stest' method='post' action='testresult.asp' onsubmit='return check()'>")
response.write("  <table width='81%' border='0' align='center' cellpadding='0' cellspacing='1'>")
response.write("    <tr>")
response.write("      <td width='21%'>&nbsp;</td>")
response.write("      <th align='center'>A Simple Test on General Knowledge</th>")
response.write("     <td width='22%'>&nbsp;</td>")
response.write("    </tr>")
response.write(" </table>")

because of i have heared that asp code is not viewable to user. so i have write this code. is this code write or wrong? and i want a solution for i can form an html format(code) which is not accessable to the user in 'source code'?

Thank u sir.

Forgive me not answering your question, but I'm curious as to why you would even consider hiding the source of a form from the user?

If you're writing "sensitive" data into the form, and that is why you want to hide the source from the user then you're simply doing it wrong.