I'm a newbie to this forum and I wanna ask a few questions:)

How can I export using jsp, data that are store in sql database to word or excel or even pdf? Is it possible to be done?

How can in jsp to provide into my webpage an editor toolbar like this I'm using now to post my thread:) ? Is it possible to be done or are already made and just import them?

Can anyone help me with this two questions, by reference or any book?


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I can answer your first question, just insert this to the top of your jsp file which is going to dipslay your information

<%response.setHeader("Content-Disposition","attachment;filename=fileName.xls"); %>

And when u go to that page a box will pop up asking u if u would like to save the file.

Regarding your second question, i m not sure, as i too am relatively new to java and jsp.


not something you should use JSP for...
It's for outputting text data, not for anything else.

And your second question is all about html, javascript, and CSS. Best ask that in a web design forum.

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