I am very new to json and havent used much ojects in javascript.

I have created a json object, and after i move through a couple of forms in my app i want to access that same object, is there a way to do it? Any help will be greatly appreciated.


you can store that object in data base. and later you can retrive it.

why actually you want to do that ?

Thanx for taking the time to answer my question, i came across a javascript 'window' which allows me to set the variable for that window, so i can access it across any of my other pages.

There is no way you can access a Javascript variable set on a page on other pages. Just pass around the JSON object to the server and persist it in the client session if you need it across pages / requests. You can even process the JSON object at the server using the server side language of your choice.

I am sorry but i wasnt very clear in my initial post. :icon_redface:
I have and index page and inside that page using ajax the user has to fill out some forms, so if i set a variable to be available for the 'window' using 'window.variablename' in javascript i m able to access that in the other jsp pages, that are loading inside my main index page.

Thanx for the comments.