Thank you in advance to anyone who can answer this for me.

In a registration form of mine the user selects the state they live in with a drop-down menu.
In the 'Update' form I would like their previous choice to automatically display its selection.

For example if my profile displays "Arkansas" my update form should be already display "Arkansas" in the the select menu, but I keep getting 'None Selected'?

I know the query is complete. I can make the data display correctly using
<input type='text' name ='teamstate' value ='{$row}'> but can't get the select tag to work.

Any help is greatly appreciated!
//snippet of my code

<SELECT NAME='teamstate' SIZE='1' > selected>{$row['$teamstate']}>
			<OPTION VALUE =''>None selected</option>
			<OPTION VALUE='Alabama'>Alabama
			<OPTION VALUE='Alaska'>Alaska
			<OPTION VALUE='Arizona'>Arizona
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