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For work I need to use an internal website the problem I have is that since I upgraded IE7 I cannot see it correctly, looking at the source I can see the script below

<label for="supGrpSrch">Search on:&nbsp;</label></td><td><select name="supGrpSrch" onchange="javascript:setOrigImage(document.forms[0].descImg1)" ><option value="0" label="supGrpSrch0" >Group</option><option value="1" label="supGrpSrch1" >Group description</option><option value="2" label="supGrpSrch2" >Supplier number</option></select>

So I think I should see the Value not the label value.

Below is what I can see in IE7


Below what I should see taken from Firefox.


Thanks in advance.

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In Internet Explorer 7, the 'label' property is equivalent to the innerText property in Firefox. So Firefox ignores the label property and uses innerText (Group) whereas IE sees the label property(supGrpSrch0) and overrides the innerText.


thanks for that,

Is there a way to fix that in IE7, other than editing the page that I know won't be done, maybe with a plug-in or any other way.


Yeah, take out the label attribute. It's not serving any purpose in firefox or IE

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