i have a problem with my php code. so i really2 need somebody who a very in kind this forum to help me. here i send my database, codes and my flow chart.

It would help if you could let us know what error message your getting, what your doing when the error occurs and in what file?


ok.thank you. this is assignment for my database subject.

ok i have to make a system for dental patient(not for real).this system is for two type of user.
1) existing patient
2)new patient

1)existing patient.

when an existing patient came, the doctor will enter the patient's id(search_patient.php)
then it will go to the patient details page(patient.php).
from that, there are three option, either the doctor wanna update the patient details or view visit record history and view appointment history.
at visit record history page(vr_index.php) there are three option- edit, add, delete and view full report for print.
the same goes with the appointment history page(appointment_index.php)

so my problem is:
-update for the patient details are not working. when enter the patient's id (search_patient.php) the details come out but the problem came when i click the update button. problem at submit_patient.php page.

-when click visit record at patient.php then it will go to appointment index page(appoinment_index.php). problem came when i add new apointment, the existing appointment will dissapear. it had been replaced by a new appointment. the edit function is also not working.

- the same goes when click appointment at patient.php page.

2. new patient
for new patient(newpatient_menu). there are 3 link to - patient details form(pd_form.php), visit record form(vr_form.php) and also appointment form(appointment_form.php)

and i have prolem at this three form.

-after fill the patient details form i cant submit and view the form.
-the same goes with appointment and visit record form.

here i attach the updated file with the new flow chart.

i really need sumbody to help me to solve this problem as i quit new in this php code.
i just learn from the tutorial from the internet and its kind of hard to me to handle an error like this. please2.. i dont know.