I am having issues with soap once I try the soap call with the array I get the following error what does this mean and how can I fix it?

Fatal error: Uncaught SoapFault exception: [HTT] Could not connect to host in /home/eye123/public_html/track.php:33 Stack trace: #0 [internal function]: SoapClient->__doRequest('<?xml version="...', 'htt://gateway...', 'track', 1, 0) #1 [internal function]: SoapClient->__call('track', Array) #2 /home/eye123/public_html/track.php(33): SoapClient->track(Array) #3 {main} thrown in /home/eye123/public_html/track.php on line 33

Here is a portion of the code

$request['WebAuthenticationDetail'] = array('UserCredential' => array('Key' => $key, 'Password' => $pass));
$request['ClientDetail'] = array('AccountNumber' => $account, 'MeterNumber' => $meter);
$request['TransactionDetail'] = array('CustomerTransactionId' => '*** Track Request v2 using PHP ***');
$request['Version'] = array('ServiceId' => 'trck', 'Major' => '2', 'Intermediate' => '0', 'Minor' => '0');
$request['PackageIdentifier'] = array('Value' => '999999999999','Type' => 'TRACKING_NUMBER_OR_DOORTAG');
$request['IncludeDetailedScans'] = '1';




$response = $client ->track($request);

I am using newest soap with latest PHP

Any help on this would be appericated


It seems as though the host you are trying to connect to is unavailable.

Check the URL