Im sure this is an easy problem to resolve. Basicly for my log-in script, im retreiving the results from a database, storing them in variables but i would like the redirection to be in flash (better looking).

Is there a way for me to load two variables called
into a flash file using actionscript.

Use loadVars. Here is some code from a login for a similar project.
I did it with ActionScript 2.0. What you need are three text boxes and a submit button.
The first two text boxes (email and password) will be input text type with instance names of email and password. The third text box should be dynamic text type with an instance name of status. Then in the actions panel of the submit button, put this:

on (release) {
status.text = "";//clearing status field for this attempt
//creating two LoadVars objects, to send and receive variables
my_lv = new LoadVars();
result_lv = new LoadVars();
//Assign appropriate text boxes to LoadVars object
my_lv.email = email.text;
my_lv.password = password.text;
//Send the variables and Load the servers response
my_lv.sendAndLoad(serverFile, result_lv, "POST");
//event which is called when result_lv passed above, receives response from php page
result_lv.onLoad = function(success:Boolean) {
	if (success) {
               email.text = "";//clearing all fields
               password.text = "";
               status.text =result_lv ["serverResponse"]; //entering response to status field for display

Then in the php page, if the person gets logged in,

echo "&serverResponse=Authentication confirmed";

and if denied

echo "&serverResponse=Access denied";

I hope this helps.


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