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I am working on a web Application..i have a Login Page..I have a problem with the password authentication..the password does not accept "space" in between the password characters but it does not validate the "space" given after the last character of the Password..it does not say invalid login if the space is given after the last character..it redirects me to the next page..i could not fix this issue..please help me with the same

what does your code to varify the password look like? could we see a sample?

ds = new DataSet();

da = new SqlDataAdapter("select * from login3 where name='" + TextBox1.Text + "' and pwd='" + TextBox2.Text + "' and role='" + DropDownList1.Text + "'", cn);
da.Fill(ds, "login3");
dt = ds.Tables["login3"];

if (dt.Rows.Count != 0 && DropDownList1.Text == "admin")
      TextBox2.Text = null;

This is the code..
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strange. i thought the request would fail as you are asking it to exactly match the request.

can you Response.write(sql) the SQL statement to the screen to see exactly what is returned from the text boxes?