Good day!!

Hi...I having hard times in doing an online voting system using PHP and mySQL as database. It's like...student council election; once I login..i can then view my personal profile then view all the candidates in each position...I can then vote my desired candidate.Only one vote is allowed in each position.Then after casting my votes..I can automatically view the tally in each candidate...I can't logout..I should vote first....
I am now in coding..in voting...so..is there anyone there who can help me..please..
I need response asap..thanks.......

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If you can elaborate more on what is the problem rather than saying that i need help with the system, then maybe we could help you out.

First of all tell, what all have you done.


Good day!!!!

I'm done with the user login or voter's login wherein once the voter login he can now view his personal profile... We already have the candidates table in mysql.... We also done with our layout... The problem is we cannot call the data on our database using php.... And also we're having a hard time in casting the tally of votes of the voter..... It goes like this, once a voter vote for his desired candidate he can now view the complete tally of the vote.....

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