Hi all,,

I am new to joomla.. I want to build a news portal site using joomla.. Can any one help me to wired in the news portal extension to my joomla site...

I am now working in localhost..

Please help me if anyone know about this.

Thanks in advance..

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If U Have (Joomla Version 1.5.0) please Folow These Points :-

1. First of all Download a Extension Zip Folder from "http://extensions.joomla.org/"
if ext. Name like "com_mtree-159.zip" = "com" means Components,
if ext. Name like "mod_ghop_categories.zip" = "mod" means Modules

2. login to http://localhost/joomla/administrator/ OR
(joomla is your main directory)

3. Enter Your UserName and Password

4. After login You click on top horizontal navigation Name "Extensions"

5. Now you can see here is a file uploder

6. now Browse your zip Folder from click on Browse button from where u store this after download

7. if u find click on "Upload file & install".

8. No Worry Joomla about zip folder. zip folder auto installed in its related directory like Components, Modules, Templates etc.

9. if installtion is ok you can see it in the
* Components
* Modules
* Plugins
* Languages
* Templates

10. mostly ext. show a documentaion and configuration after its istallation.

Thank u very much..
I have installed the extensions as u said...

Now it is not showing any change in my administrator window...
From where did i get a tutorial to build a news portal using joomla..

Thanks in advance..


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