hey all, first post, im a real n00b at this.. its just part of my first yr at uni and dont even need it for the 2nd yr and never done it before.. its such a small part of my coursework and all it does is get me a D grade.. got 4 parts after this that i can do myself but this part is killing me..

so im not gonna lie and say please help me do it, but be honest and beg somewhoen to really qucikly do it as im sure if u no what ur doing itl take like 10 mins

basically iv done the following.

1. Create a registration form to be used to sign up to a University society, allowing the user to enter a name and email address in text fields and two copies of a student number in password fields. Use JavaScript to validate the form so that it only submits if the first of the two student number fields is numeric, exactly 8 digits long and that the two copies of the student number are identical.

that was fine, i got all that done... the problem is the 2nd part

2. Create a JSP page which processes the request from the form in question 1 and which re-validates the form input in exactly the same way as described in question 1, and then either displays a mailto: link to the supplied email address if the form parameters are valid or an error message describing the error (non-numeric student number, incorrect length, non-identical student numbers).

i dont no what or how to do any of this..

please anyone who can help me out il be so happy.. need this asap, been trying for ages to learn and figure all this out but to no hope.. ur my last chance, got to hand this and the rest of the work i still have to do in next Tue so im dieing here!

Iv attached my form if that helps.. thanks

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it's not urgent, homework never is if you do it yourself
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yeah i understand ur not a homework service but iv already bought JSP (just for this question) which is annoying as i wont ever need it again.

and have been trying to figure out how to do this question for a good month and a half now..

please help me out. im sure it wouldnt take anyone long to do it.. il retun a favour in Design Form.. even a £5 as thats all i got in my paypal lol

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