Following is the code snippet of the JSP file which is gettting populated with all its field data when the application runs into IE7 but does not populated when using FireFox. I am using spring frame work for developing the application.

Note: This is not the complete jsp code so some <tr><td> tags may be missing or misplaced this code is only the sample to make some Idea

<form:form commandName="commandName" >
<table border="1" align="center" width="100%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
	<td colspan="2">
		<table align="center" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
		<table align="center" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="0">
 		<td class="labelSM" align="left" nowrap="nowrap">
		<spring:message code="label.obj1.prop.type"/>&nbsp;
		<td class="labelSM" align="left" nowrap="nowrap">
		<spring:message code="label.obj2.property" />&nbsp;
		<tr nowrap="nowrap" valign="center">
		<td class="labelSM" align="center">
		<form:input path="obj1.prop" id="obj1.prop" size="3" maxLength="<%=FieldLengthConstants.CODES.BILL_TYPE_CODE %>" cssClass="fieldSM" onChange="OCED('bill', this);" onBlur="return OBED('bill', this, '');" onFocus="OFED('bill', this);" onKeyDown="return OKDD('bill', this, window.event||event);" />
                               <td align="center">
		<form:input size="2" maxLength="<%=FieldLengthConstants.CODES.LOADED_EMPTY_CODE %>" path="obj1.property" cssClass="fieldSM" id="obj1.property" onChange="OCED('bill', this);" onBlur="return OBED('bill', this, '');" onFocus="OFED('bill', this);" onKeyDown="return OKDD('bill', this, window.event||event);" />

Please send your suggestion ASAP

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I too have a similar problem, i can see the code in the source it is just not visible, and i have no clue why :'( , i hope someone will be able to help


1) Do you have Tomcat installed on your pc?
2) That the code show in IE doesn't mean it is working correctly, use Firefox for design checking
3) What errors you getting?


I have tomcat, but am using bea weblogic server., and tomcat is not running.

no errors displaying in firefox, is there another tool besides firebug?

I am getting no errors, part of the jsp is not displaying, if i view the page in a separate window it is there, but not when it is view as an inlude in my index page.

My page works like this,
I have an index page, which includes (lets call in pageA.jsp) i click on a button to go to pageB.jsp, then when i click back and call the struts action for pageA.jsp the heading on that page displays, and the table but none of the fields. I am using ajax to change from pageA to pageB and back again.

At first i thought it could be html tags not closing, but that isnt the case.


Most likely your html is not valid, and IE and FF deal with those errors differently, with IE being more successful at it than FF.


This happens almost always due to Javascript errors and the Javascript on that page looks all messed up. Remember that IE is more forgiving and will automatically make up for your mistakes; Firefox won't. Your best bet would be to get your generated HTML validated, look for any glaring markup errors and if it still doesn't work, look at the 'Error Console' of Firefox to see if it really is your Javascript which is blowing up.


Thanx for the help, i have solved my problem, it was the form tags inside the table tag, so i moved my form tag above the table tag, and now it displays perfectly. :)

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