I have written a webservice and is working fine when tested usng a client application.Now I want to deploy my webservice on a server other than the development server.How can this be done.what are steps to be followed.


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What programming language? What web server platform? What IDE?

Please follow normal conventions, spelling, grammar and punctuation when posting. There is no reason for your entire post to be in bold, or not to have spaces between sentences.

I am working from home for my client.Actually I have written a webservice in C#.net which is working fine.I also have a webapplication which uses this webservice..and the application works fine when executed.The problem is now I have to send the files to my client..so that he deploys them in the production server.
Now what are the changes should he or I should make in webservice to execute the webservice on his machine..he said that no visualstudio is installed in his system.
plzz help me.


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