Hi !
This is Me.... I want to start learning ASP.NET. I have done ASP and know the basics. So I just want to share the views of all the other members of this forum so that I actually learn the aforesaid subject very nicely....



Hi! Majestic
Thanks for the reply but the response was bit different from what I actually need...I need to learn ASP.NET before I do learn ASP.net2...

Thanx I refer to the site and get to know a lot...will be doing the same in future also...

Not to be negative, but I'm not too enthusiastic about w3schools. The site's fine if your looking to play around with programming and learn the basics but I've found a lot of their tutorials to be a bit out dated. If you're serious about learning ASP.NET (btw, ASP.NET 2.0 is just the current version, not a different technology) then I'd suggest learnvisualstudio.net. If, however, you're just casually exploring this, w3schools is fine.

Good point!

Hi there KenK I couldn't agree more with you there! learnvisualstudio.net is a very useful site, and W3Schools is really aimed at beginners (Which is why I suggested it). And yes, some of the information is a little out dated too!

Okie I do want to learn ASP.NET seriously. But I dont exactly know how to do that?

Hi! I've gone thro' the site and it wants money, I mean I've to buy the videos and all....

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