Hope i am posting in the right place. Any pointer will be helpful. Am a learner so pls bare with me.. Thanks for that :)

I was just wondering if i want to make a simple web apps (Say a user data will be saved to sql db) which of these should i use to make the code shortest(in length).. Should i go for c#.net or VB.net.. should i go for .net v2,3 or 3.5. This is basically a database related apps so is there anything special on these version of framework. Do they provide any special api to make is short..

I am from a java background and so i dont have much idea. Pls bare with me and pls try to provide me with any pointer.. Thanks in advance..

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Judging that you are from a java background I might recommend that you use C# as your code behind to an ASP.NET 2.0 web site. This is beacuse C# and java have very similar syntax and you can apply object oriented principles you may know in Java to C#. Here is a great tutorial on C# with ASP.NET - these two technologies are designed to work very well together and they do!


Hope this helps


I dont see programming as which approach is more or less coding so I wouldn't be able to judge. How you should look at it is which approach suits you better. I would argue that the approach I mentioned above would suit you well.


hmm thats true.. any clue of the frameworks related to my question.. does this framework did any notable change in database related api

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