Dear friends!
We are asking your opinion on our PHP Editor .

Some people ask what is the point of yet another editor. We see our niche as low cost solution-a set of several tools with everything a web-master might need.
It is still a long way to our dream, but we are working hard.

This is a public beta-version and still needs to be tailored to your needs.

So we would be happy if you throw in your opinion or feature request.
Everybody who participates will get full professional version with free updates.

We are interested to hear your first impression on the program, what you do
(do not) like in it, what features you find to be the most valuable ones.

The version you see now has some imperfections, and we are dealing with it.
If you find a bug, please send us the next information:

OS version
IE version
PHP version
Version of the Editor

Please, pay attention to these features:
Work with the FTP Servers (synchronization, running on the remote server, and so on)
Tag Editor (our program contains internal non-WYSIWYG HTML Editor)
Autocomplete and IntelliSense
Project and its options

Any comment, idea, feature request is highly appreciated!

Thanks to the admins for not deleting this message :0)

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DELETE this message? Are you mad? :D Why would we ever do that - this is an awesome thing you guys are doing :) I'm glad to see more options for PHP Editors (as long as they aren't completely horrendeus that is :))

Anyways, what language did you write the editor in?
Also, ever thought of making it open source? (The way of the future!) Or will you be keeping it a commercial product? :( If you keep it commercial then I can guarantee you that you will need a lot to break through the other already popular commercial AND open source editors in order to get your name out there, but going open source can really turn some heads if you ever decide to go that way.

---Anyways, what language did you write the editor in?


---Also, ever thought of making it open source? (The way of the future!)
---the other already popular commercial AND open source editors in

commercial AND open source editor?
Sounds interesting, but it is a new business model for me. Could you give an example, please?

So you propose to turn it into a hobby?

If it's your only source of income, then go for it.

But I'm just saying it's an EXTREMELY competitive market (there are about, I would say, 50 or so editors that already have their names out there) and you'd have to compete with them.

Developers get disappointed and do not support freeware.
Is there any free PHP editor with version 5 support?

Most free editors were made before dot com crash.

There are at least a couple with PHP 5 support and are well known products.

You can spot a few here:

Also, there are literally thousands of freeware/open source projects going on, so I don't see what is wrong with it ;) If you commercialize your product, then it'll just be another product that most probably won't even check out since it is not well known.

Well, I'm just talking for myself I guess - if you really have an awesome product and believe that others will pay for it, then go ahead! :)

Anyways, good luck with your venture! :)

Worth checking it out.
I have used many IDE's on many OS's in my time, this could have potential.
I will post back with comments shortly.
(downloading it now)

Well thus far the program itself works fine, although I havent tested its more fancy features like php parsing and FTP upload gadget. I will try those later on.
It is clear that some of the minor details have not yet been completed, but these are only cosmetic right now.
The text highlighting works well in the multi-syntax mode as well as the selectable pure modes (php only, css only, html only etc..)
At first impression the environment does look somewhat cluttered and busy. But I guess if you use it enough, you will learn to appreciate the nearby tools surrounding the work window.
The 'workspace' navigator side panel did pick up the variables used although it missed a few functions.
I think it might be better if the variables expanded menu perhaps did its checking occasionally in the background as a seperate thread from the front-end so it doesnt pause as it scans the file for the variables to list them for you. Just a minor frustration, nothing important.

Lastly i'd like to mention about the ability to collapse portions of the document much like in C++ IDE's. In many modern multi-language editors, beside the line-number column there is a small + box where you can expand and collapse portions of the document like functions or comments. I have grown to greatly appreciate this feature from editors like Quanta Plus:
Quanta Plus website
If you were to put in this feature it would make this editor a far more viable choice for those willing to pay for such software (depending on price of course).
A feature I do like though, is the formatting feature. Very nice.
Great for me as i have a habbit of just typing down the screen with no regard for fromatting what so ever, other than what the editor inforces (function indent etc.). I know what it does and how it does it, why bother ? :D

As this program is intended to be a complete evironment (noted from the addition of FTP features and using local php for parsing), I would suggest incorporating the common features found in free IDE's like Quanta plus and others to stand a chance of making money with it as these features can obviously be gotten for free elsewhere.

I will continue to use this editor for a week or so and test out the php parsing and FTP features.

Please do contact me if you release further developments of this program, I am curious to see its development.

Note: The default font size setting is a tad small to destinguish between ) and } in php, I had to turn it up a notch.
Example screenshot on my system

Sounds interesting; some more reviews would be nice.

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