I have a project (which I inherited) in Visual Studio 2002. I have been working with this project for about 6 months. This week, the project decided to generate many errors as below:

Resources 'private\901\default.aspx.resx' and 'private\903\default.aspx.resx' have the same manifest resource name 'content.default.aspx.resources'.

I seem to remember finding an answer to this some time ago, but cannot seem to find it now.

If I exclude one of the files, close VS, then add the file back to the project (after restarting VS), the errors will sometimes go away. Today, VS decided to keep them around. I actually recreated one of the web forms. I have excluded the form from the project, deleted resx files, and then re-added the form. These solutions will seem to work temporarily. After a couple of builds and runs, the errors will return.

Any ideas?


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I've had the same problem. I changed the name of a form, but it didn't change the name of the actual class. Make sure you have different class names between your two files.

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