I added the database, but now i can't even query my databse on the site.

It's only only the logins that aren't working lol.

i get:
"Cannot open user default database. Login failed.
Login failed for user 'GAB-6-10-2\ASPNET'. "


Ok nice fella, i'm happy to say that it's working now :-)

Took 34 posts, but we got there :D

Thanks a lot for your time and patiente mate!

I can already foresee some similar headaches with my webservices deployment, but i will let that for tomorow :-)

Best regards dude!


Well, actually after messing around with the IIS configs, rebooting and republishing it worked.

Don't know the exact reason for it if you ask me :X

but i will pay more attention to the applicationName the next time.

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