hi all.,

We r using AJAX for our ERP system. In our project am facing the
cross browser compatibility problem,
The problem is the javascript grid is displaying out of the <TD> in a table
actually am putting scroll bars to the Td of the table.
The grid is displaying out of the scroll bar so scroll bar is not affecting to it at all.

This is Dam good in fireFox. could u please help me out to get out of this problem.

The problem statement in itself is kind of confusing; it would be better if you posted a small relevant piece of code which would demonstrate the problem so that others can try to help you out. Also if you are allowed to, you can take help of some external utility libraries out there to do away with the problem of manually handing browser inconsistencies when programming in Javascript.


I just got the reason, its just we need to put the style as position:relative in the scrollbar div.and grid style as position:fixed. that sit ...........:)