hi to all,

Well, I am designing a form which had taken me to a situation that requires advanced knowledge.I just know to use javascript for basic needs.

My need is as below:
I have a form that is report form.Now I am finding it difficult to get the logic going.That is the table for lacation readings should be dynamic...

That is, if it is first reading then only one row is required.else it shold show only one row but should be appending to the row entered previous month.

or else, i would like to keep a edit link in list reports and in the edit page i wud keep alink for next reading.the max number of readings should be 8 also.

Please some one help me with suggestion and a better layout of form and database.

Thanking you , I remain
Harish Balakrishnan Marar

What is a "lacation reading"? I find it difficult to visualize your scenario. Can you post a link to the site?

What is a "lacation reading"? I find it difficult to visualize your scenario. Can you post a link to the site?


Thanks for the concern.
Actually,As you would have viewed the form hb-2 where you find a table with location,vibration,ultrasound,temperature column for readngs, I just want one row for a reading visible.

Suppose, at a time I have two months reading then I should have a option to insert an extra row to database.I would like to have help with a code snippet that should popup a window with a row and with the close of popup should insert/send bac the values to parent form.

on submit it should be able to insert that values also.-------------------------------------------------------

But I am designing only and since not an expert cannot move without completion of analysis and design.

An alternate where I am stuck is :- to have a form with a row for readings and on submission is taken to listview page where with the form number you have options to view,edit,delete.

Now, when the user selects the edit option, I would like t o have the form opened for edit with a link for popup for entry.Here it has reached the same scenario mentioned above the '---------' .-----------------------------------------------------

Thanking you I remain

Harish Balakrishnan Marar

hi, I have designed a sample form and I need the tables motors, pump, compressors but it has become a backyard by the time i got frustrated...with all test trials...

I would like to receive your consideration and help with this plz...

I have four tables in a form and on load no tables are visible.When the user selects a option say ' Motor' then a corresponding table made visible.

PLease share with we a sample code as i am not able to modify this caode to me needs...

var d=documsent.layers?'layer':'div';
document.write('<'+d+' name=d1 id=d1>');
document.write('<table border=1><tr><td>r1c1</td><td>r1c2</td></tr><tr><td>r2c1</td><td>r2c2</td></tr></table>');
var _OK = false; // disable on page load
function en() {_OK=true;}
function de() {_OK=false;}
var _s = document.all?document.all.d1.style:document.d1;
function hi() {if(_OK)document.all?_s.visibility='hidden':_s.hidden=true;}
function sh() {if(_OK)document.all?_s.visibility='visible':_s.hidden=false;}

[<a href='javascript:en()'>enable</a> | <a href='javascript:de()'>dis-able</a>]s
[<a href='javascript:hi()'>hide div</a> | <a href='javascript:sh()'s>show div</a>]

Hope you could help me out.....

So leaving the entry form for now and going with preview and edit.

thanking you ,with regards
Harish Balakrishnana Marar