This might be a simple fix but I am developing an asp.net website in vs 2008 for some strange reason all of my separate aspx files are now formating at the same time. When I change something in design view in one file the other changes automatically I am new to web development so please help. I am very frustrated because all my pages that I worked hard on are looking like crap now.


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Thanks for responding,
Im using two css sheets, it wasn't doing this earlier every form was working independently but not now. As far as know I did not set a master page, but I set a start page but I did that towards the beginning of the project.


Hmm I might recommend you take a look at your two CSS my friend. I am no pro with CSS myself so I might not be of much help - maybe someone with more experience with CSS will respond. If you get really stuc post back and I will try to think of something.


Hey that did it!!! I told you I was new to web development. I replace my current css file w/the original and everything went back to normal thanks man. That little hint fix alot of frustration.

Thanks again!!!

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