Hi to all,
i have a charset issue when i use unicode characters in cfm pages... to be more specific when i use greek characters all i get is something not greek... i use charset in each page but the result is the same, i used utf-8,iso-8859-7 and windows-1253 but nothing happened. when i copy the exact same code in an html page (without the cf code ofcourse) the characters are displayed correclty... in the application.cfm i have nothing but the session code... so i am pretty sure that is has to be the settings in administrator of the coldfusion 8..

2nd problem:

even if i use code that i wrote below the session still does not expire when i close the broswer...
this happens in opera last version and mozilla last version.. in ie6 works like a charm.. is something in the code wrong? thnx

<cfapplication name="webshopauthority" sessionmanagement="yes" applicationtimeout = "#CreateTimeSpan(0,0,30,0)#" >
<cfif isdefined("cookie.user")>
<cfparam name="session.isloggedin" default="true">
<cfparam name="session.isloggedin" default="false">
<cfif IsDefined("CFID") AND IsDefined("CFTOKEN")>
  <cfset Variables.cfid_local = Cookie.CFID>
  <cfset Variables.cftoken_local = Cookie.CFTOKEN>
  <cfcookie name="CFID" value="#Variables.cfid_local#">
  <cfcookie name="CFTOKEN" value="#Variables.cftoken_local#">