Scenario: I have 2 gridviews, clientgridview for showing the clients and the projectgridview for showing the projects. If I Click on the Client name on the the clientgridview i will be directed to the project gridview to show the different projects of the client

Problem: when i click on the name of my client, projectgridview displays all the projects that are stored on my database. I need to display only the projects that are associated to the selected client(ProjectId is the PK in m ProjectTable and is FK in ClientTable).

Can anyone help me get the corrent syntax to filter the projectId...
SELECT * FROM Project WHERE ProjectId=@Project;
I used this syntax and it didnt work..hope you guys can figure out how to filter this correctly..

in projects table there should be a coloumn like if u click on client naem just pass client id.and write query like this

select * from project where clientid=@clientid this will filter the projects according to client.hope this wil help you,.thanking you.

hi there..
thanks for the reply but unfortunately it didnt work for me..i believe there still a code that needs to be added on the selecting event of the datasource(that's only my opinion) but if you guys have some different idea aside from using a sql syntax please feel free to reply in this post...thanks

can u post ur code ,so that we can understand what u r trying to do.
thanking you,

Ur coding is right!, but you need to pass the correct client id to the variable @project, I want to know the structure of your master and child table.

hi srikanthkadem....
my problem is already resolved, thanks for trying to help i appreciate it.. i already figured it out through tutorials in the web... till next time..:)

hi rajarajan07...
thanks for replying but i already got a solution to the problem.. i only set some of the properties of the gridview to make it work...till next time..:)