Hello All,
This is my first time to join this community, but it seems very good! :)

Anyways, I have a question, right now I want to use AJAX with PHP so that I can get the size of a file meaning, when you choose a file in the form, and click on OPEN, automatically you get the filesize on same browser.

Example of what I am saying is here:

I downloaded the script but couldn't understand a word

If you notice, after you select the file, you will see a text saying "1.jp (416 KB) Thanks now hit upload"

Can anybody help me out how can I do this as I wrote the script and I can't send a file to another page in the javascript.


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Hi there,
I'm not sure I understand.

It sounds like you already have what you want. You said you want to display a file size in a browser after user selects the file to be uploaded. Why can't you use the jqUploader as it is without modifying the source code?

Or is it that you want the PHP script to know the size of the file you are uploading? And you think that the best method is to find out the file size with JavaScript and pass the information over to the PHP script?
Well, you'll be glad that PHP has its own function to find out a file size: filesize ( string filename ); Please provide more info.

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