I have a question to ask, please see attached images:


In the CMS, I have a stats page as seen (IMAGE 1), it captures all the necessary stats regarding the website and its entities. This stats page should be generated every month on the fly.

Since all these data resides in my db i was wondering on the best possible option/workaround archiving this data at the end of every month without my direct intervention.

Once the stats have been archived and the html file created, all I have to do is to manually link the propagated stats page for the month to its appropriate link on IMAGE 2.

Any suggestions on now i can pull this off from db to code to archive in the most effective way??

Looking forward to any suggestions. Thanks in advance

You can set a cron job to run on the 1st day of every month (or the last day of every month) and execute the required script to generate the report.

thanks Nav33n. I will read up on that shortly. Thanks for the help. Seems to be a feasible way out.

Thanks once again