hey, i've been in a middle of a problem about passing a php variable from one .php page to another?
for example:
if im in a middle of sign.php which has a variable called $username:
this user name is to be known through all the rest .php pages in my project
as long as the cookies for this user name are set.
thank you.

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If you are already setting the username in a cookie

setcookie("your_cookie", $username, time()+99999999, "/", ".domain.name.com", 0);

Then you can just check it's set:


on top of that you can check the username variable, along with passwords, and compare them to the contents of a database for example.

Wouldnt you be able to simply use a include function or some sort, or can you not. I know phpBB does it.

A little example: (try it in http://fpepito.dyndns.org/test.php)

I hope that help you,




$myname = $PHP_SELF;
session_register ("session");

if (isset ($session[lang])) {
// if user choice another language, update the session[lang]
if (isset ($lg)) { $session[lang] = $lg;}

echo "Session existe, you have enter: $session[count] times<BR>";
echo "Your actual language is: $session[lang]<BR>";

setlocale ("LC_TIME", $session[lang]);
echo strftime ("%c")."<BR>";

// You need locale file corresponding with the next language
echo "<A HREF=$myname?lg=fr_FR>Utiliser le français</A><BR>";
echo "<A HREF=$myname?lg=en>Use english langage</A><BR>";
echo "<A HREF=$myname?lg=pt_PT>Utilizar o portugues</A><BR>";
// update counter
$session[count] = $session[count] + 1;
} else {
echo "It's the first time that you coming. We will create session:<BR>";
$session[lang] = $HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE;
$session[count] = 1;
echo "<A HREF=$myname>reload</A>";


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