I have a form where there is image, at the first time it displays the defualt image,when
the user uploads image, the new image appears. But when the user get out from this page and get in again and upload another image the same old image is still there. Its that when i upload image i give it id of employee. The same old image is there even if i render it in another page,although in the folder where the images are uploaded are changed with new image.

i would like to note that i am using windows vista, the desitination of upload is "E:\myporject\...", but the url of image is "../images/employees/123.jpg",
the image is being saved to the folder of development but the url of image is from the virtual path, even when i restart the computer and the visual studio, and the whole website its still there with the same old image.

plz help, how can i upload many images and give them the same name and only the last one is displayed in my application.
Thanks in advance.

You need to force the browser to refresh it looks like. Im afraid the easiest method is to change its name. maybe you could add a time to the end of the file i.e. "filename_20080607.jpg" etc.

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I would like to mention that may it is not clear, but what I wanted to say that both I save to virtual path and read from virtual path. Here is the code that read image:

Image1.ImageUrl = "~/images/employees/" + Request["empID"].ToString() + ".jpg";

Here is the code that upload image:

if (fileUpload.HasFile)
            // Get the name of the file
                string fileName = fileUpload.FileName;
                string ext = System.IO.Path.GetExtension(fileName.ToString());
                if (ext == ".jpg" || ext == ".jepg" || ext == ".JPG" || ext == ".JPEG")
                    fileName = Request["empID"].ToString() + ".jpg";
                    // Upload the file on the server
                    fileUpload.SaveAs(MapPath("~/images/employees/" + fileName));

Thanks for the try to name it with different name, using time but when i want to render the image, how can I know its name without saving it??!!

I think I will stick to Fungus1487 suggestion, but I have to save the file name :S. Thanks Fungus1487, I give you credit :D