Hello everyone, i am new to this community. I want to post my important doubt here.
Right now, i am doing a JSP project, which requires the task of adding dynamic rows in a JSP page and also inserting their data in the database.
Can anyone guide me on how to achieve this? My team leader said that we have to use AJAX functionality for accomplishing this.
But iam not sure on how to proceed with this.
Iam giving the code which i want to produce dynamically many times. This is a text box element which should be repeated many times, with the click on a link.

                  <td width="32%" align="right" valign="top"></td>
                  <td width="68%" align="left" valign="top"><input name="prop_path3" type="file" class="input_text"  />

This row contains a text box and a browse button to select an image, now this row should be repeated with the click of a link or a button, and this should be done using AJAX (or atleast Java script). After that, the images selected must be inserted into the MySQL database.
So the images must be inserted dynamically (as many images should be inserted as many are selected).

I hope you have understood my problem. Can anyone guide me upon this? Waiting for ur answers.