I have no knowledge of PHP and have been looking around for some information for a few days now so thought I would try here - excuse my ignorance:-)

I have recently installed a business listing script called easysearchdirectory on a webhost4life hosting account. I have never had any problems with webhost4 life accounts before but basically the new website was working ok for a couple of days and then email stopped. Upon enquiring I was advised that the class.phpmailer was configured to use 'localhost' as the mail account, this was something they didn't like so blocked it. The hosting company advised that the values in the class.phpmailer should be changed to the email account mail.servername.com for example. This was done. Still no email was being sent or receieved so I contacted the script developer who is not much help at the moment. I can upload the class.phpmailer file if needed if someone wouldnt mind taking a look.

There is another file in the directory called class.smtp.php would this be anything to do with it.

Sorry to be so vague but I seem to be running around in circles and getting nowhere fast.

Thanks in advance.


the phpmailer class offers an error string upon failure which sometimes can be helpful. If that doesn't tell you much there is a variable inside the "class.smtp.php" file which can be toggled on and off to display errors or not which will tell you exactly where the smtp process is erroring out. Unfortunately, you do need at least basic knowledge of PHP in order to troubleshoot it. Otherwise, there is extensive documentation on the PHPmailer website.