We have 2 JSPs

A.jsp ==> Main screen JSP
tabs.jsp ==> The jsp, which has the header and have several tabs

JSP 'A' "includes" JSP 'tabs'

Now I want that when page 'A.jsp' loads, it should make some check and set a Flag.
This Flag should pass to JSP 'tab.jsp', and based on it should enable some tabs and disable some tabs.

Problem is --
I am setting the flag in A.jsp and setting as hidden parameter.
in tabs.jsp i have using request.getParamter(), still there I am getting NULL

Even in A.jsp, I added this flag as param in include tag, and used getAttribute in tabs.jsp
Still its displaying NULL in tabs.jsp

How can I pass the value from main jsp to included jsp????

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I am not yet an expert in jsp, but i think u have to submit the page before any of your parameters are set.

Thanks Thirusha...
I used request.getAttribute() and request.setAttribute, to pass the values. It worked. :)

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