i got below code from some one put in our daniweb.com my question is that is it working for HTML page also ??
Advance Thanx,

Sub Application_OnStart
   Application("WhoOn") = 0
End Sub 
Sub Session_OnStart
   Application("WhoOn") = Application("WhoOn") + 1
End Sub 
Sub Session_OnEnd
   Application("WhoOn") = Application("WhoOn") - 1
End Sub

please check anybody and give me a solution for this thread

Could you be more detailed about your question ?
It helps you know !!

shall i use that code for HTML page pls help me...

I assume since you posted this in an ASP.Net forum you are atleast referring to an ASP.Net/ASP application having few HTML pages.
If so then it surely will work cause the code is supposed to be added to Global.asax/asa file.

If I am assuming wrong, then prey do tell me as to what we are looking at here.

Actually my total webiste is in HTML so i want find out visitors numbers please anybody send me the code ....

Sorry buddy.
Can't help you in this.

By using sessions u can achieve this function i guess.
do u have any login page for the persons who enter u r site.
just when the page is loaded add a session containing a variable

Well I don't think so.

A session variable works on the session level and is independent of any other session.

So it will not be able to increment the counter with each session start.

Moreover, there is the issue of persisting the counter the next time the application starts.