Sorry for how stupid this question may sound but I am in the process of linking two different warehouses together that use different databases.

I need to run a query from one that is a remote webserver as well running PHP with a MYSQL database. This query will be done on a Centura (Gupta) database. The results will then need to be assimilated back into the MYSQL database.

Currently I am able to access the Centura database using software such as MSACCESS and can do so using an ssh connection that port forwards appropriately since it is behind a hefty firewall.

So this may sound idiotic but I need to find the right kind of software or extension to query from an apache server to the application server that is running Centura on an XP platform. Can it even be done?

I can query and such from a laptop but am wondering which software or process I should ask to have installed on our managed webserver to automate these requests