Hello all,

I'm new, of course...

I'm here cause I need serious help on forum hacking....

I am currently using a free phpbb2 forum board...

I don't have money to buy an Invision Board, so I wanted to use a hack that promoted phpbb2 forum profiles to look like Invision forum profiles...

I need serious help in hacking my profile system. <snipped url>
Invision View Profile
This hack replaces phpBB default view profile look with the look of Invision Power Board's profile page. It adds new profile features, such as:

- Enhanced Interface
- Top Posting Forum
- MSN Image Fix
- Signature in Profile
- User Title

It is compatible with the Extreme Styles Hack and is compatible with virtually all templates (no hard coded CSS).
Source: <snipped url>

How am I suppose to use it?
I need some kind of guidance. Or if an admin or mod could help do it for me...

Hi there:
Welcome to here.
Feel free to post your question in the appropriate forum here.