I am new to this community and also new to PHP. My problem is that i have installed apache 2.2.6 and also have php 5.2 version. also made all the changes in conf file of apache. I also did all the neccesary things on PHP side (placing & changing files in windows folder) . my apache webserver is running fine and when i am calling a .php page it is not showing any output (giving me standard error) .can any one help me up to configure this properly
i followed all the steps(nice article) for configuring php and apache 2.2.6 from differnet threads :
but still i am facing this problem can any one help me on a quick note.

dowmload xampp and install your system .

This will solve you r issue , befor u uninstall you php and apache

thanks for the suggesstion. the problem has been solved with out the download. there was a problem in my conf file i recitfied it. it's working fine now. thanks

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