I'm completely new to ASP programming. Although I have read a lot about asp net so far, I have a few questions concerning the web app I have to implement. I send a verification email to a user where the url looks like this: http://anyserver?email=tux@gmx.at&id=somestring

When the user click the url, I'd like to check first if the email is included in the database I created with C# and check if there is an id which matches the id in the parameter (the id isn't stored in a database, but that's no matter). WHen both paramters are valid I'd like to present my verification formular where the user has to fill out some personal information. When one of the pararmters are invalid the user should be redirected to another File with a message like "your request isn't valid or the page you requested isn't longer available.

Is that the normal way to do it in ASP net or is there any helper class that helps me in creating a "invalid Request" reponse or someting like that ?

thx in advance


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