hi fellow developers,
I am in the process of generating a pdf file from html....The concept goes like this...

I have a Html page where the details of a particular employee is displayed in a table...At the bottom of the page there is a button to convert this page to pdf so that i can mail the file to that employee..

I have searched for an answer,but ended up in confusion as there are so many answers for this, like Scout,Itext and lots more....But these are like an application that is available for money...

I am using Vb.net..so if i could write a function or something like that which will enable me to convert the Html page to Pdf when the button is clicked...

Thanks and Regards

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Itext (itextsharp) is free.

Oh Yeah,
After i posted,i continued my search and found it dude....Thanks for ur effort....I got it work as well...

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