hi to all who can help just a buddy to teach me how to work with asp.net and i would like to know everyone is their any differnce between asp.net and php???? and what is that........ and can i ask where can i find some script that may help me as a begginer for this language... or web tools tnx

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There are definitely many differences between PHP and ASP.NET!!! ASP.NET is a Microsoft, closed source technology and PHP is open source. In order to understand either, you'll probably want to go buy a book or two on each, then post specific questions that come up from the reading here. I don't see a sample script or web tools helping someone out who is brand new to the game.


hi can i ask how can you diff. the php and asp by your own word and what is the easiest to use

That is matter of personal opinion. Secondly you asking people in ASP.NET section so they will swear by .NET (same apply for PHP if you ask over there)

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