Hello friends,
I have started with ASP.NET, I am very comfortable with it when I run the website using the VS's Built in ASP.NET Webserver. I use VB.NET for coding. But when it comes to using with IIS, i don't understand anything about how to run the websites in IIS. The debugging itself doesn't start in VS and gives the error message of being not configured with IIS and also many security credential problems add to my problems in understanding it. I have also tried to install the VS after the IIS is installed and vice versa. When I create project in IIS and view those websites through IIS webserver directly from internet explorer the login window appears and says that you don't have sufficient authorization to access this page. I want to know how to start with the ASP.NET using IIS. If anyone has the solution please help me, because of not knowing about IIS inspite of learning ASP.NET a lot I am helpless. Please suggest any book which explains everything from beginng about IIS and specifically using it with ASP.NET 2.0.

If anyone helps me out, I will very soon host my own website. I will surely send you the URL
If possible, plz mail me to abhi_thatsme@hotmail.com.

Thanks a lot.