when i login in two different browsers with two different login username, then refreshes the second login page. it displays the older one username of the other browser in which i first logged in.

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Are you using Session Objects? Please do provide more information if you want a solution.

hi sierrainfo Thanks for your approach.
yes you are right. I am using session objects to all application values.
I am facing the problem when i login with two different user name in two different browser window on same computer.
You can assume the scenario as "One administrator wants to look into his all subuser data/logs by logging in from different username."

To transfer values from one page to other i generally user session and i do minimum use of querystring as a safety measure.

If you have any idea i really wish to get solution from you.



Your problem is unusual. I dont think there is a straightforward way to do what you want to do with Sessions.

But here is a solution for whatever it is worth-may or may not work. In any case -- do inform me.

Sessions are created according to Requests from Browsers from a particular machine and in your code you have declared Session ("varname") = "value". The problem is that when you open the second window and login with another userid, the Session object is overwritten with the values of the new user.

The Solution-check the HTTPheaders to see if the Request is coming from the same machine. If it is - create Session("varname1") to store the new values and so on.

This should solve your problem.

For more details-see these topics in MSDN-HttpRequest Class for Browser, page and other information to be retrieved.

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